[Korea visits you!] Samuel goes to Conan

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Korea visits you!
Share the Korea you like, and win a free trip to Korea.
See more details at the official event website :
- Event period : Sep 27 – Oct 31, 2016
- Prize : 5 winners in total : Round-trip flight tickets to Korea (including 1 accompanying person) & 3 nights Hotel vouchers

The “Korea visits you!” campaign invites you to Korea with a heart full of gratitude to all fans of Korea.

This video is about the journey of ‘Samuel the octopus’ visiting America to meet her best friend Conan. Enjoy watching behind-the-scenes footage of Conan and Samuel’s emotional reunion, as filmed by the Korea Tourism Organization

Check out Team COCO’s video “Conan O’Brein Reunites with Samuel the Octopus at:
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