What Makes Something Paranormal?

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Something that cannot be explained by science is considered "paranormal," but where do we draw the line on what is and what isn't paranormal then? And was everything “paranormal” before science?
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How Scientists Debunked The Loch Ness Monster:

“Many people know that the most famous photograph of the Loch Ness Monster was a total hoax. The 'creature' depicted in Robert Wilson's 1934 shot turned out to be nothing more than a toy submarine with a plastic head stuck on it."
Why Do People Believe in Ghosts?:

“In June, Sheila Sillery-Walsh, a British tourist visiting the historic island-prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco, claimed that she captured an image of a ghost in a picture she snapped on her iPhone."
Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World:

“Souls, spirits, ghosts, gods, demons, angels, aliens, intelligent designers, government conspirators, and all manner of invisible agents with power and intention are believed to haunt our world and control our lives."
Monsters, Ghosts and Gods: Why We Believe:

“Monsters are everywhere these days, and belief in them is as strong as ever. What's harder to believe is why so many people buy into hazy evidence, shady schemes and downright false reports that perpetuate myths that often have just one ultimate truth: They put money in the pockets of their purveyors."
What's Really Behind Paranormal Experiences (Hint: It's Not Ghosts):

“Richard Wiseman doesn't believe in spooks — and he doesn't think you should, either. Once a professional magician, the University of Hertfordshire psychologist has always been intrigued by the unusual side of the human experience, conducting research on luck, lying and the paranormal."
Psychology: The Truth About The Paranormal:

“Soon after World War II, Winston Churchill was visiting the White House when he is said to have had an uncanny experience. Having had a long bath with a Scotch and cigar, he reportedly walked into the adjoining bedroom – only to be met by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln."
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