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Top 10 Barbie Songs

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These are based on personal opinions :] just to let you know... anyways...

We kinda promised everyone that due to copyright, we kinda QUIT countdowns in general. And we really didn't like doing the countdowns with just pictures. But while watching an old VHS version of The Princess and the Pauper, we're all we HAVE to do a Barbie songs countdown. But, we definitely can't use the Barbie clips, because they're the most copyrighted of all. So we decided...
We can do AMV's because they're not the same clips to the same part of the song. SO... we did little mini AMV's per each song! It was such a brilliant idea! We didn't sync them as much as we'd usually. because we just wanted a montage sort of thing.
We hope you guys like it! :D
We actually uploaded and reuploaded it because the first version didn't fade out to black at the end, so.... :]
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