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The Deadly Elegant Dark Cabaret/Folk Song Collection

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Important: This is NOT meant to be a complete dark cabaret band/song list. If you feel I left someone out, check out my previous dark cabaret song collections, both here and on my other channel (Wiremux), you might find your favourite performers there. smile

This is just a personal collection of songs that I think go well together. A few classics, some rare songs and gems that I couldn't find here on youtube. Plus it is a tribute to some of my latest favourite bands. Some songs are closer to dark folk rather than cabaret, and there is a bit of rock too, but they kinda belong to the same atmosphere,

Talking of bands, if you feel these artists deserve more recognition, please consider purchasing their albums. Most artists presented here can be found on bandcamp.

0:00 The Hearse Song - Brillig
1:54 Rivolta Silenziosa - Humanwine
5:50 No More Room - The Scarring Party
7:25 Turpentine - This Way to the Egress
11:31 Dr. Flynn - Caravan of Thieves
14:26 If I Told You Once - Circus Contraption
19:04 The Silent - Tragic Tantrum Cabaret
22:44 Evil Night Together - Jill Tracy
27:18 One More Smoke - Reverend Glasseye
29:45 Mr. Green - This Way to the Egress
34:30 Rattlesnake - Caravan of Thieves
38:20 Two of Us - Curtis Eller's American Circus
43:22 Anywhere - The Scarring Party
45:55 Wake Up - Humanwine
50:47 Angels in Cages - Caravan of Thieves
55:08 The Straight Razor Cabaret - Voltaire
58:36 Saint - This Way to the Egress
1:04:38 Hot Potato - Circus Contraption
1:09:35 Death Blues - The Dead Brothers
1:12:35 Graveyard - Devil Makes Three
1:15:59 Sometimes Sunshine - Revue Noir
1:20:00 Revelator - The Scarring Party
1:22:50 Live Through Your Strings - This Way to the Egress
1:25:55 Sugar in My Coffin - Curtis Eller's American Circus
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