That's Not Funny (2014) - full feature documentary

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"a DEAD SERIOUS documentary about COMEDY"

That's Not Funny is an examination of the history of taboo subjects and controversy in comedy, and one comedy fan's heartfelt and passionate defense of an art form.

Director/Narrator Mike Celestino and producer Robert Garren (co-creators of the award-winning documentary short The Last Days of Cinerama) present an exhaustively-researched cultural analysis utilizing a vast array of archival footage and media spanning more than a century of Western humor.

OPENING NIGHT SELECTION - Freethought Film Festival 2014
WINNER - Best Documentary - Flagler Film Festival 2015

SOME CONTEXT: This movie, as it stands, was written in the winter of 2013/2014, edited in the Spring of 2014, and had its premiere in Hollywood in mid-June 2014. If you're wondering why certain recent events are not mentioned or only hinted at, it's due to the timing of our production and of those events.

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