Scary Paranormal Spirits Unbury and Light up Ouija Board - it Flies Away

Fake Fake · 200725 роликов
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Due to all the paranormal activity we have buried the Ouija board just a little after midnight after soaking it in Holy water and breaking it while paranormal experiences unfolded. The next night the Ouija Board was discovered in the backyard near the woods sitting on the ground above where it was buried glowing in the dark very brightly in seven different pieces arranged together like a puzzle. Seems like the spirits have sealed the ground to make it look like it was never disturbed. We carry the seven pieces of the glowing Ouija board to the house to try and understand what is going on. Seems the spirits were trying to tell us something. That same night after we researched what the spiritual message might mean dad placed the Ouija Board back where it was. The next day something very paranormal happens and now the Ouija board might be with the Angels.
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