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Real Paranormal Stories COMPILATION Winter 2017

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Compilation of Real Paranormal Stories from the Paranormal Scholar Winter 2017. Listen to our most recent subscriber submitted paranormal stories in one sitting… perfect for bedtime listening!

2016 compilation:
The Paranormal Scholar invites you to sit down and listen to these true tales of terror: demons and dark entities, ghosts, and chilling premonitions of the future.

Could these real paranormal stories offer anecdotal evidence for the paranormal?

If you would like to submit your own story for narration, please get in touch:


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**All of these paranormal stories are claimed to be true and were submitted to us by our subscribers. With their approval, with have done minor editing for narration. We would like to thank them for allowing us to share their experiences in this video.

4 True Ghostly Paranormal Stories ft. Mortis Media
The person who submitted ‘I photographed an orb‘ to us wishes to remain anonymous. Narrated by the Paranormal Scholar.
‘I still don’t know what that darkness was’ was submitted by Nicholas. Narrated by Mortis Media.
‘My night at the museum’ was submitted by DarkTheRaven. Narrated by the Paranormal Scholar.
‘She haunted my dreams…’ was submitted by Kyle Fiene. Narrated by Mortis Media.
Mortis Media’s video:
Subscribe to Mortis Media for more true horror stories:
4 Terrifying TRUE Horror Stories featuring Demonic and Dark Entities
‘No one has lived there for more than a few months…’ was submitted by Holly Bramley.
Curiosity does indeed kill the cat…’ was submitted anonymously.
‘There was a woman in the mirror…’ was submitted by Madninjagato.
‘Whatever is in my apartment doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon.’ was submitted by Kayla. For the purpose of protecting identities, the names of the people involved in the story have been changed.

2 Chilling REAL Premonition Stories
‘I had a terrible nightmare’ was submitted anonymously.
‘I can see the future’ was submitted anonymously.

2 Premonitions That Foretold Tragedy
‘The plane fell from the sky’ was submitted anonymously.
'The dreams foreshadowed the worst year of my life...' was submitted by 14thCluelessBird.

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The following footage has been used according to the Creative Commons 3.0. License, via Videvo.com. “Setting Sun” by “skymountain” ; “Lightbulb” by “Beachfront Productions”

Music courtesy of CO.AG Music:
Music courtesy of Myuuji:
“The Paranormal Scholar Composition One” courtesy of CaliberBeats (caliberbeats.com)

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