Real Ghost Paranormal Activity Stalks My House

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I often hear strange loud sounds coming from different areas in my house. I was hearing loud banging sounds coming from within my walls, and mysterious footsteps coming from other rooms in my house. I had to pull out my camera to document even more paranormal activity. Watch what happens in this haunted video! If you enjoy this video please like & share! "The Haunted Amityville Tapes Series"

This is my latest ghost video in a series of Ghost videos. Hopefully, you enjoy this Ghost video. If you do, please like and share. I will be putting more Ghost videos out very soon! Paranormal Activity is happens, and Ghosts in the world are very real. Watch all of my scary ghost videos for free here on youtube anytime. Also, watch "The Haunted Amityville Series" here on this channel.

"The Haunted Amityville Tapes"
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