Paranormal activity monster SFX makeup tutorial ( part 1) PREPARATIONS

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Guess who is back !!!! After very long time i decided to film a video so here is video that explain How i did this monster....Part 2 coming soon !!! Aaaaand this is also inspired by Mykie a.k.a. Glam&Gore on youtube

Products used :
Face cast
Ellimorph plastic & dust ( black & white )
Modeling clay
Liquid latex
Mr. Dashbo alcohol activated fx palette
99% alcohol
Tools, brushes & scissors
Cream paints (black,purple,red,brown)
Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
Stipple Sponge & makeup sponge

Instagram: @viliam_sfx12
Song: Short Stack Shimmy a go go

See you in my next video !!!

xoxo Viliam
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