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LUCIANA Barbie Doll - Barbie Collector - Review

Fake Fake · 193873 ролика
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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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Did someone say peplum jacket??

Visiting my doll archive to debox this regal beauty, Luciana Barbie, who is part of the BFMC 2014 Collection. She's totally ferocia couture in the plastic!

THUMBS UP for Barbie!!


Bow tie I'm wearing in this video: Suresh New York Private Collection (

Luciana Barbie Doll:
Barbie Collection:
Principessa Barbie Doll (my previous video):

Gianfranco Ken Doll (from the same 2014 BFMC Collection):

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** DISCLAIMER: I purchased this product with my own money. My doll reviews are intended for adult collectors, not children.
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