Ken (Barbie) Doll MakeUp Transformation

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Hi my Dolls! I hope you love seeing (Barbie) Ken's Transformation, click here to see how to turn into Barbie:
SNAPCHAT: kandeejohnson
MUSICAL.LY: kandeejohnson
I love Barbie! I even have a Barbie painting in my living room! And last year I did this Barbie Tutorial: But thought it would be to do a Ken Doll Transformation too! So her you go, now if you have a friend or need a couple's costume idea, you can be Barbie AND Ken!!

To see my whole costume makeup playlist of tons of costume makeup, click here:
DISCLAIMER: Neither Barbie, nor Ken paid me to make this video. Barbie did not pay me to do her makeup and Ken didn't pay to do Barbie's makeup or to do his Ken makeup. Not one Barbie or one Ken doll paid me anything to turn myself into Ken or Barbie either. If you do this Ken look or my Barbie look for a costume party, costume contest or cosplay, you might win any contest you enter! ha ha ha
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