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How to make a Cat Noir Doll [ MIRACULOUS LADYBUG ]

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C L I C K H E R E !

Since I cannot just leave Ladybug alone, I had to make Cat Noir! I had so much fun gender bending Supergirl's head because who knew that her head mold would be so universal. I wanted to make both of them look somewhat upgraded, that's also why I altered Cat's hair as well. I parted it towards the side to give it more of an Anime look. I do hope you guys like him ! :D

Comment "CLAWS OUT CATWOMAN!" just to confuse those who didn't read :D

Materials right below:

Acetone or nail polish remover
Sealants : Mr. Super Clear (MSC) or Krylon's Matte Finish
Watercolor pencils: Faber Castle
Chalk Pastels
White paint
Gloss varnish

Or watch this video :
Thank you guys for watching!

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