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Final Fantasy Cinemagraphs - My Small FFX Collection - Steam Wallpaper Engine

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If you liked these cinemagraphs share this video where you can so we can build up an awesome collection! - With the PS4 HD Remaster of FFX dropping, and the Dynamic PSN theme that was released with it, I came across the idea of "Cinemagraphs" and tried to apply it to some shots from FFX. I want this video and the comments below it to form a collection of awesome cinemagraphs from the best moments of Final Fantasy games, past and present :)
- For a quick/easy way to make a video your wallpaper, use VLC's "Wallpaper Mode", although it does have a split second delay between loops. Feel free to share any useful ways to make these your screensaver.
- Link to my cinemagraphs (mp4 files) - - please credit me if you are uploading them elsewhere!

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