Extreme Barbie Jeep Down Hill Racing - RWP

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Another Awesome Documentary Produced by Barbie Car races at Rednecks With Paychecks. Most cars fail to make it all the way down hill. After someone gets knocked out cold they decide to shorten the track a little bit to the original starting spot. Jeeps, Cadillac escalades, John Deere tractors, Oklahoma state trooper Dodge Charger, and many other barbie toy cars attempt to make it down the hill. Very few drivers got lucky and made it all the way down. The other less fortunate ones were in for flips, tumbling, rolling their way down the hill. Many cars ended up Demolished breaking apart as they smashed their way down the hill. Some of the Barbie cars are Jeeps, Cadillac escalade, hummer, mini quads, Dodge charger, John Deere tractors, and more. Common problems are broken axles, snapped wheels, and even a steering wheel pops off during the downhill races.

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