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Elisa: The Documentary

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Some have sensationally dubbed it “the most mysterious case of the 21st century”. Yet, how much do we actually know about Elisa Lam's bizarre, possibly paranormal-related, death?

In this paranormal documentary, the Paranormal Scholar presents the humanised story of an intelligent and passionate young woman, who perished under mysterious circumstances in early 2013 at the Cecil Hotel of Los Angeles. Although Elisa Lam's death was described as "accidental" by the police, many have been left unsatisfied in the months and years which followed. Various alternative theories have been put forward. We aim to outline - and where possible - disprove these theories, always providing evidence as we do. What happened in that hotel? Is this a case of true crime, true horror, or a tragic accident?

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Elevator footage with correct timestamp and speed:
Kay Theng investigates the roof of the Cecil Hotel in March 2013:

Thank you to 'Horror with Heidi' for providing select voice-overs:
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