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BarBie Dolls Surprise Eggs Unboxing - Minnie mouse kinder surprise eggs and spiderman toy

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BarBie Dolls Surprise Eggs Unboxing - Minnie mouse kinder surprise eggs and spiderman toy.
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Hello my friends everywhere in worlds.
I have my please today to represent you some amasing barbie dolls. They are not only barbie dolls toys, but also a lot of other Minnie mouse, spiderman, cars and much more toys.
I’m unboxing more than 60+ kinder surprise eggs and finding a lot of surprising toys.
Me and my cousin, are impressed with awesome toys inside surprise eggs.
I had my please to play with spiderman to.
I know, we are boys, but must accept, some surprise eggs with barbie dolls have been amasing.
Minnie mouse is very funny to. I will during the video, show you what a funn has been.

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