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ABC Song | ABC Songs for Children | Popular Nursery Rhymes Collection PART 3 by Kidscamp

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The Best of KidsCamp Nursery Rhymes Collection is here!
SUBSCRIBE - Here comes your favorite, coolest, cutest collection of ABC Songs for Children! Your babies will love watching Elly play guitar, teach ABC and learn while everyone has fun! Sing with me ♫


00:00 ABC Song (Guitar Version)
01:22 ABC Song
02:39 ABC Alphabet Song
05:53 Incy Wincy Spider
07:12 Wheels On The Bus
08:52 Five Little Ducks
10:28 I Love My Little Kitty
11:38 Wheels On The Bus
13:20 Happy Birthday
14:40 10 Little Indians
17:47 Little Peter Rabbit
19:23 London Bridge
21:24 Rig A Jig Jig
22:21 Animal Fair
23:54 Star Light Star Bright
25:36 1 2 Buckle My Shoe
26:51 Little Peter Rabbit
28:22 ABC Song with Lyrics
31:39 Cobbler Cobbler Mend My Shoe
32:59 Horsey Horsey
34:23 Pat A Cake
35:55 A Tisket, A Tasket
37:44 Colors Song (White)
39:34 Hot Cross Buns
40:39 Ten Little Indians
42:18 I've Been Working On The Railroad
44:26 Mary Mary Quite Contrary
45:59 Simple Simon
47:32 Lavender's Blue Dilly Dilly
50:25 One Misty Moisty Morning
52:45 An Apple a Day
54:44 Oranges & Lemons
56:09 Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
57:34 The Farmer in the Dell
59:15 Colors song Purple
01:01:05 Yankee Doodle went to Town
01:02:13 Little Miss Muffet
01:03:13 Little Boy Blue
01:04:28 Ten in the Bed
01:07:19 What's in the Sky
01:09:29 Old King Cole
01:10:28 My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean Song
01:11:59 Colors Song
01:13:49 Mary had a Little Lamb (NEW)
01:15:36 It's Raining It's Pouring
01:16:48 Handy Spandy
01:17:46 World of Elly Triangle
01:19:54 World of Elly Circle
01:22:15 World of Elly SHAPES Christmas Tree
01:23:28 World of Elly Square
01:25:53 World of Elly Rectangle
01:28:13 Jingle Bells NEW
01:29:50 O Christmas Tree
01:32:26 Up on the Housetop
01:34:12 We Wish you a Merry Christmas (NEW)
01:35:34 I'm a Little Snowman
01:37:04 12 Days of Christmas
01:40:13 Deck the Halls
01:41:44 Jingle Bells
01:43:43 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
01:44:44 World of Elly: Fishing
01:47:13 Learn Shapes: Traingle
01:49:21 Learn Shapes: Circle
01:51:42 Learn Shapes: Square
01:54:07 Fishing
01:56:36 Whats In the Sky
01:58:47 Ten Little Indians

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Visual Composition - Gabriel Franklin
Animation - Mandar Sawant
Music Composition & Mixing - Melvyn
Voice - Isabella
Production - YoBoHo New Media Pvt. Ltd.
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