5 Creepiest Paranormal Photographs Ever Taken

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Here are probably 5 of the most unexplained ghost photographs ever captured to date, I am sure there will be plenty more too come but what do you think of the images, do you think they contain real paranormal evidence or are they just coincidences....

The Ghostly Photos:

In 1919 Airman Freddy Jackson's Ghost was reported in a group photo. After his accidental death, the photo was taken on the day of his funeral and shows Freddy Jacksons spirit standing with his fellow airman.

In 1959 a spirit was captured in the the Back Seat of a car during a visit to a family's gravestone. The supernatural image was reported to be the woman they had been too visit at the graveyard.

When taking an old themed photo at Boothill Cemetery a ghostly image can be seen lurking in the background. The photographer insists no one was present in the background when he took the photo.

A photograph was taken in 1997 of a grandmother, after examining the image an unusual guest was spotted behind the woman, it was reported to be her deceased husband.

An unexplained spirit was captured in 2008 at Scotland Tantallon castle, the image appears to show a male or possibly female ghost looking trough a barred entrance of the castle. The photographer is certain no one was present during the shot and to this day has no explanation for the ghostly guest.....

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