13 Creepiest Paranormal Images

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Top 13 most scariest supernatural images of real ghosts caught on camera you won't believe these bizarre images people took!

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8. The Ghost Grip
This photo was taken in the Philipines of two friends, taking a walk on warm night. They asked a stranger to take a photo of them, but it looks like they might have attracted some unwanted attention. Here you see the transparent figure, latching out onto the girl on the right, with a firm but friendly grip. It seems possible that the photo could have been added with some type of processing software. If it is indeed genuine, it could be the most frightening as well.

7. Portal to Hell House
While some people consider taking a trip to somewhere haunted to be something fun, a young girl certainly regrets it. After visiting the portal to hell house in Gary, Indiana that was featured on Ghost Adventures, an anonymous youngster then reportedly became possessed by an evil spirit and needed an exorcism to be cured. The house was known for being home to an incident where the entire family became possessed. This photo was taken, of a ghost peering through the window. Other bizarre evidence was taken such as audio recordings of ghostly voices in 2012. The family heard her young daughter speaking in tongue, convulsing and her eyes turned red! The house had reports of powerful demonic activity and it recently had to be demolished for this reason.

6, Ghost Dog Tea Party
In 1916, a retired Scotland Yard investigator named Author Springer took this photo in Tingewick, Buckingham. England and it might be proof that even animals have the capabilities of being ghosts’ as well. There was reportedly no dog at the moment the photo was taken. The woman on the left, Ms. Townsend, reportedly didn’t even own a dog. Not too many details are known about the photo or the mysterious ghost dog who decided to crash the tea party.

5. Aspley Pubhouse Ghost
Many regulars at the Aspley Pubhouse located in Southsea, Hants England talked about a ghostly presence that lingered there. People’s drinks would mysteriously be topped off as well as reporting cold spots, or areas that just seemed mysteriously cold. Many had only heard of the rumors of there being ghosts until this strange photo was taken. While snapping a photo at a retirement party here with an iphone, it wasn’t clear until later oen that a face appeared in the photograph. They claim that this is the ghost named “reedy”, the nickname of the pub’s ghost. Others claim that this is just the womans hands moving in the background. What do you believe?

4. Ultrasound Demon
How would you feel if you were expecting a baby and an image of a demon pops up watching over the unborn baby during the ultrasound? This photo has gone viral and has spooked out many who’ve witnessed it. The person who presented the photo, later went on to state that the baby was born prematurely. The image you see to the right, clearly has an eery face as well as a horn and you can even pick up characteristics of it’s body. Some even say they think it has some type of mermaid body. This almost seems like a bit much for a coincidence and the ultrasound technician has no explanation for the image. Could this baby be doomed before it was even born?

3. Possessed Baby
Captured on a nanny cam, we find this little baby doing something quite incredible which almost makes it seem like a scene from the movie paranormal activity. In the middle of the night, it’s found balancing on the rail on the side of its crib. After the video was uploaded on youtube, many claimed that the baby was indeed possessed. The named connor was screaming and had no idea what was going on! He stood on the rail for a total of 22 seconds. Many opinions of the video were divided with many people just claiming the kid was good at balancing. Could there be a more paranormal explanation behind this though!

2. Possessed Doll
This cringeworthy paranormal doll was found in Singapore next to a tree with a blindfold. Many passersby were disturbed by the image and they notified authorities of its presence. a’In the name of God”, was written in Arabic across the blindfold. The story goes, that who ever unwrapped the cloth or blindfold was have the curse passed down to them. The former owner claimed that the doll had the ability to move on it’s own and actually speak in a woman's voice! You might want to keep you distance.

1.Haunted Lunatic Asylum
Paranormal investigators in Australia came across some supernatural beings when they investigated an old mental asylum ward. Their goal was to help souls move onto the afterlife and prove the existence of paranormal happening. This photo here appears to depict what they thought was a ghost in the basement of the notorious, North Kapunda Hotel in Australia. This one here, is what could have possibly been a prison guard at the abandoned Geelong Gaol in Victoria, Australia.
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