**PARANORMAL experience story** GHOSTS!!!

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Hey guys, this is another one of my ghost stories. I've had numerous paranormal experiences in my life.

Part of that is due to the fact that Missouri is a hotspot for paranormal activity.
We have LOTS of haunted places here, due to the native american burial grounds, the civil war, and other factors.

This is something that happened to me around 2003, when I was over at a friend's house.

It really happened, folks, I'm not making this up. I know what I saw and experienced. My eyes didn't deceive me. For any nonbelievers out there, I don't blame you, but this really happened.

Here's a random post from my blog:
This is only one of many experiences I've had, but I'm going to start documenting them one by one, to further shed light on the Paranormal and offer proof of its existence, which is one of my life passions.

Hopefully this video will encourage others to come forward with their experiences and not be afraid to be thought of as "crazy" or weird.

The Paranormal is real, there are too many signs to ignore. If you enjoy the video, like and comment. I really appreciate it!

Please watch: "Hey Beavis, Check this out"

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