「MMD」 Old Doll 【+Downloads in the Description】

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Hello~ It's been a while! Here is Old Doll the motion as requested. c:

The only thing on Accessories that needs to be changed is the chair's size. The size should be changed to:

Si 0.8600


╬ 「Mad Father」 Old Doll 【English】 (By Aquaspirit77) »

╬ Aya Drevis »
╬ Royal Chair »
I can't really find the chair that I used, and since the link doesn't work, I'll put up the download for this chair instead. Sorry ^^;;

╬ Fancy Red Room »
(I edited out the furniture for the video but that was it)
╬ Skydome » ??? **It's in the stage folder that can be downloaded with the "I won't say I'm in Love" Motion**

╬ Diffusion 7
╬ SoftAndHardLightShaderV2
╬ SeriousShader
╬ PostFog
╬ Ghost

╬ Old Doll (by me) »
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