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In this 4th episode of my Toys From the Past segment, we review and unbox the Kida Barbie Doll from Mattel from Disney's Atlantis from 2001! Enjoy!

I'm JLantisToys! Formerly DisneyBoy21. But you can call me Jamie! smile I am 23 years old and basically obsessed with all things Toys!

My channel is about Toys, Dolls, Reviews, Crafts, Tutorials, Doll Hair Restyles, Reroots, Repaints and Fun Galore for All ages! :)

Join me on my adventures of Toy collecting as I hunt for Disney, Ever After High, Monster High, Barbie, Hot Toys, Lego, Funko Pop Figures, Marvel, DC, Super Heroes and more toys! I do reviews on Toys, Craft Tutorials and also Doll Hair Restyles, Rerooting, Repainting & more. I also occasionally do Toy Vlogs and Doll Hunts around Singapore. I also like many Pop Culture topics and a huge book nerd, Harry Potter for Life! I also enjoy Movies, Video Games & Music. I like to keep my channel fun and light and my videos may not all be professional! Most of all my channel is all ages appropriate and Kid Friendly! I am a big kid myself after all! Thanks for stopping by and most of all have fun! Spread Love and enjoy!

Thanks for watching! Like, subscribe and check out my other social media platforms! Thanks for the support! :D

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