CouponMate: Automatic Coupon Codes at Checkout

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We are a dev group out of Miami that recently launched a free Google Chrome extension in beta, CouponMate. We’re on the hunt for feedback. If you have a minute, we’d love for you to take a look.

The goal of the extension is to make the “coupon hunting” process easier. We scour the web for all the best coupon codes for over 100,000 brands daily, and are even working to automate the process of applying the best code to your cart -- roughly 250 sites are supported for automation so far.

The extension should be easy to use. We hope you agree. You’re able to browse the latest coupon codes for sites you visit any time from your browser, or use our “Find Best Coupon” options which will appear during checkout to automatically apply and find the best code for your specific cart.

Currently, The extension is exclusively on Google Chrome; the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari versions are currently in development and should be available by December 2014.
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