Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse + Secret Door Dolls Princess Toys in Egg + Giant Dreamhouse

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*In English: We love watching Barbie cartoon episodes and Barbie movies, unboxing new Barbie toys and opening Kinder Surprise eggs so we thought “Why not put these together and make a fantastic HD video for children?” We hope you like the end result and don’t forget to check out our Giant and Super Giant surprise eggs playlist for more!

Music: The song we used is called Jack In The Box from YouTube Editor. There are more songs to use for free there so check it out!

The toys are great ideas for birthdays, Christmas or any other presents and they are:

-Barbie Dreamhouse,
-Barbie Play n Store Castle,
-Barbie Style Ultimate Closet,
-Barbie And The Secret Door Princess Alexa Doll,
-Barbie Volkswagen The Beetle Car,
-Barbie Endless Curls Doll,
-Barbie Feed and Cuddle Tawny Horse,
-Barbie 3 Fairytale Fashions (Includes Mermaid and Fairy Outfit),
-Barbie Dolls (Including Sisters Stacie and Chelsea),
-Sisters’ Cozy Cabin Skiing Chalet (Includes Skipper),
-Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse Dolls (Barbie, Ken, Teresa, Summer, Nikki, Raquelle, Ryan and Midge)

Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse + Secret Door Dolls Princess Toys in Egg + Giant Dreamhouse + Barbie Kinder Surprise Egg Opening

*In Spanish, En Español, Es: Nos encanta Barbie y por eso hemos hecho un huevo sorpresa gigante de Barbie lleno de juguetes! Mira nuestro video para ver juguetes de Barbie y una huevo Kinder Sorpresa!

La cancion es de YouTube Editor.

*En Francais: Nous aimons Barbie et nous avons décidé de faire un oeuf surprise géant de Barbie complet de les jouets de Barbie!
Consultez notre vidéo pour voir fantastique Barbie jouets et un Kinder Oeuf!!

*In Portuguese, Em Portuges, Pt: Nós amamos Barbie e decidimos fazer um ovo surpresa gigante cheio de Barbie brinquedos!
Confira nosso vídeo para ver fantástico Barbie brinquedos + Kinder Ovo!!

*In German, Deutsch: Barbie Groß Überraschungseier, überraschungsei, Spielzeug für Kinder, Kinder Ueberraschung,

*In Arabic, بالعربي, باللغة العربية:
باربي العاب
كندر سبرايز
كندر بيضة
كندر سربرايز
كندر البيضه
كندر سوربريز

المسيقه من يوتيوب



*Toy Tastic:


*Giant Surprise Eggs Playlist:

This playlist includes:
-Supergiant Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse and Secret Door Surprise Egg Toys
-Supergiant Disney Frozen Surprise Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Unboxing
-Supergiant Toy Story Surprise Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Spiderman Surprise Egg Opening
-Lego And Marvel Hulk, Spiderman Egg Inside An Egg Unwrapping
-Supergiant Kinder Surprise Egg With Peppa Pig, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Opening Unboxing!

*Kids Games And Toys Playlist:

This playlist includes:
-Thomas And Friends On Candy Island
-Chuggington Toys Video Compilation Of Train Set Crashes
-Kids Games Compilation - Chuggington, Spiderman, Angry Birds, Minions, TMNT, Thomas And Friends!
-and many more toys videos!!

*Disney Princesses Dolls Playlist:

This playlist includes:
-Frozen Elsa Ice Skating Doll
-Disney Princesses’ Underwater Mermaid Adventure
-Frozen Elsa And Anna Go Halloween Trick Or Treating
-Elsa And Jack Frost Have A Baby
-Sleeping Beauty’s Slumber Party
-Disney Princesses Fancy Dress Party
-Elsa Birthday Party
-Disney Princesses World Cup
-Barbie Wedding Dress Up Episode 1
-Barbie Wedding Day With Ken Episode 2
-Frozen Anna Wedding Dress
-Disney Princesses Try Wedding Dresses
-Disney Princess Dolls Cake Competition
-How To Make Elsa’s Ice Castle From The Frozen Movie
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